Thursday, September 22, 2005


"I was nothing like her, but I felt I could 'act' Holly. I knew the part would be a challenge, but I wanted it anyway. I always wonder if I risked enough on that one. I should have been a little more outrageous. But at the time, as a new mother, I was about as wild as I could be. If only I were a Method player, huh? But the fact is, I didn't really believe in The Method. I believed in good casting. And I'm still not sure about Holly and me..."

/ -Audrey Hepburn


一、我昨天晚上又看了了一次「Breakfast at Tiffany 's」。一個很好的朋友跟我說,上課最爽的事情,莫過於看自己想看的片子。(讓所有的學生陪你再看一次...)

二、我的名字一直是假的,因為我用了所有Audrey Hepburn在各種戲裡的名字寫不同的部落。

三、我的人生有比Holly Golightly 好一點,我的貓都有取名字。




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