Thursday, February 09, 2006


Chinese Title: 松鼠自殺事件 (Song-shu Zisha-shijian)
English Title: amour-LEGEND
Language: English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese
Format: 35mm / Color / Dolby SRD
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85
Country: Taiwan / Japan
Production Company: Ryefilms Limited
Year: 2006

How important is the memory? Can it be more important than
life itself ? Is lost memories more terrifying then death?
We all grew up on an island, and have an obsession towards the oceans and islands. They’re the most beautiful places on earth. If the haven exists, it must look just about like them, the oceans and islands.

Islands always hold themselves aloof from the world. Ironically, they’ve been doomed. Tragedy always takes place in the havens; wars, colonization settlements, test of nuclear weapons, and now tourism. The oppression continues. Taiwan, is indeed one of those amazing islands, and one of the victims in its own term . The worst thing is that most of the islanders are not even aware of it. Sometimes, for rest of the world, it doesn’t even exist. We would like to tell a story revealing the secrets of the islands’ beauty and sorrow, as well as the self-destructions of human nature.

We also view the story as retrospective on our soul and body. We believe the film would provide a new perspective on human’s psychological condition as well as reaching for individuality. The film is trying to portray the courage to redefine one’s own existence and destiny. In deeper sense, the film is alsoadazzling meditation on what it means to be human. It’s not a traditional
psychological suspense; however with details of how we feel in modern life, it slowly ratchets up the tension.

It’s is an intimate, rich, resonant dream-like love story. Most importantly, it’s a story about our motherland, about the destiny of our own mythology.


台灣漫遊者 said...

What a beautiful and lovely essay on this film!
But, please, who is the director?

Holly Golightly said...

The director is 吳米森(Misen Wu) , try this URL find more infomation...

Anonymous said...

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